Four Point Approach

The Main Street Four Point Approach® is a unique economic development tool and the foundation for every local Main Street program’s revitalization effort. This comprehensive strategy, developed by the National Trust’s Main Street Center, fosters incremental improvements.

Downtown Alliance1) Organization provides a structure for local efforts through community-based, volunteer driven, non-profit entities that empower public and private entities to collaborate for a comprehensive and sustainable commercial district.

2) Economic Restructuring redefines the district’s niche in the marketplace and sharpens the competitiveness of existing businesses, while nurturing new enterprises that respond to today’s consumer needs.

3) Design targets infrastructure and building improvements that lay the groundwork for a physical transformation that is functional and attractive.

4) Promotion focuses on authentic community assets, with high quality image development campaigns and events that attract shoppers, visitors, and residents.

The Main Street Approach® has EIGHT GUIDING PRINCIPLES that set it apart from other revitalization strategies. The Main Street program is a comprehensive effort focusing on incremental change, requiring self-help and, public-private partnerships to make things happen. It’s about using and enhancing existing assets, quality workmanship and image, and it is implementation oriented.

A healthy downtown is the very core of any vibrant community. Not only does it represent the quality of life, but helps foster economic growth. A community’s Main Street program helps: protect the existing tax base; downtown serve as an incubator for new and developing businesses; attract new business and industry, create jobs, and strengthen service and retail markets; provide a focus on community pride and positive self-image; provide economic stability necessary for economic growth; preserve the historic fabric of the community and protects the environment by reusing existing assets instead of tearing down and building new.