Scottsbluff Middle School

When a “new modern high school” was built in Scottsbluff and opened for classes in 1964, the old High School Building [1923] was converted to use as Bluffs Middle School. The three-story brick structure seemed to serve the district well until a few years ago when a bond issue was proposed that would tear down the school and build a new one. Preservationists responded with a full-page newspaper ad the Sunday before the election and the measure failed.

Subsequently, a committee called “Save Bluffs Middle School” was formed to work with the school board to educate them about the importance of re-using the old space and the money it would save. The Board also sampled public sentiment and realized the “strong connection” of the community at large – from parents of current students to alumni – with the school. A new bond issue for renovation – costing $5 million less than the old plan – was passed a year later and work is progressing on that project. Students have been moved to a large vacant space elsewhere in town for the school year and the “new” old building will be ready for occupancy in Fall2010.